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Lady's Mantle is a Versatile Addition to any Landscape

Lady's Mantle is a Versatile Addition to any Landscape

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Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller' Lady's Mantle, better known simply as Lady's Mantle, is a stunning perennial plant that offers several benefits for your landscape. With its unique foliage and delicate flowers, this plant adds a touch of elegance to any garden. From its adaptability to its striking visual appeal, Lady’s Mantle is a must-have for garden enthusiasts in the region.

 Lady's Mantle in a pot

One of the standout features of Lady's Mantle is its ability to handle various climates, including the challenging conditions of northern Utah. This plant thrives in both full sun and partial shade, and is hardy and resilient enough to withstand Utah’s harsh winters and scorching summers, making it a reliable, low-maintenance addition to any landscape in the area.


Lady's Mantle brings a unique aesthetic appeal to northern Utah landscapes. Its large, rounded, deeply lobed leaves are a vibrant shade of green, providing an eye-catching contrast against other plants in the garden. The velvety texture of its foliage adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your grow bed and allows them to collect and hold water droplets, creating a mesmerizing effect after rainfall or morning dew. This beautiful feature helps to prevent water loss and conserve moisture in the soil, making it a great choice for water-wise gardening.

 Lady's Mantle in bloom

You're sure to fall in love with the small, chartreuse flowers that appear in early summer. These delicate blooms create a soft and ethereal atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for charming cottage-style gardens or incorporating it into perennial borders. Its fragrant blooms attract pollinators, and if removed when spent, may bloom a second time in late summer. It spreads easily by reseeding itself, creating a groundcover or a nice border in shaded areas. However, it is not difficult to contain because it doesn’t spread through its roots. The seeds simply start a new plant, so all you need to do to contain it is to pull the plants out that you don’t want to keep.

 Water droplets on Lady's Mantle foliage

Because Lady’s Mantle has dense foliage, it acts as a natural weed suppressant, minimizing the need for excessive weeding and maintenance. Its low-growing habit also makes it suitable as a groundcover or edging plant, providing a lush carpet-like effect when planted en masse.

If you’re looking for a stand-out plant that is highly adapted to Utah’s climate, Alchemilla mollis 'Thriller' Lady's Mantle is an ideal choice. It’s a versatile, visually striking perennial that brings a touch of elegance and functionality to northern Utah landscapes. With its adaptability, low maintenance requirements, and unique features, this plant is a perfect choice for gardeners looking to enhance the beauty and practicality of their outdoor spaces. Oh! And we ought to mention that it’s deer resistant too!

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