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Picking up? Here is a checklist to prepare.

  • Covered vehicle that can fit 15' of tree- wind from driving can destroy leaves of plants which can kill them. This voids any warranty.
  • If you don't have a covered vehicle- a breathable and grommeted tarp with bungee cords will suffice and we might be able to make it work.
  • Can your vehicle get wet and muddy? Plants need water, and we WILL water them because we don't want them thristy for your journey. This is what is best for the plants.
  • B&B trees can weigh up to 800lbs- can you and your vehicle accomodate this?
  • We may charge up to $10 per tree to protect it if we have to use our own resources.
  • If you have any concerns about any of the recommendations, we are happy to arrange delivery, for the safety of the plants and your wallet.