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How to Shop with Progressive Plants

Who are We?

Let's start with the basics. Progressive plants is the oldest and largest production nursery in Utah. That means we're one part plant store and two parts farm. We grow most of the material that we sell right here in the Salt Lake Valley. This experience has taught us exactly what will grow in this area and which plants will thrive in your landscape. Because we're so large, we can supply plants for large developments, parks, special landmarks, and everyday homeowners. If you're looking for amazing plants for your project, we either have them growing on our property, have access to other growers who can ship them to us, or with enough notice, we can grow them specifically for you. As you can imagine, we're very different from your ordinary garden center, so there are some things that we need to do differently.

How to Purchase

Wholesale Customers

If you are a developer or landscape professional who qualifies for wholesale pricing, click here to submit a wholesale application. Once your application is completed, we'll contact you to set up your account within 24 hours (excluding weekends). You will be given a direct contact who can answer your questions and ensure your orders are ready when you need them. You can work directly with your contact person to place orders and discuss the needs of your project. If you have specific plants in your design that are not available at our nursery or from our suppliers, we can work with you to help you secure the perfect substitute plants that will thrive in your location and meet the design requirements for your job. Average order turnaround time is usually 2-4 hours, but may vary. Orders are given priority based on their submission date and time. We will contact you when your order is ready for pick up, or if you would prefer, we can deliver your plants directly to your shop or job site. If you choose to have your order delivered, make sure you have adequate equipment and people available to receive your order.

Retail customers and Homeowners

For homeowners who want to create the ideal garden beds for their property, the best way to shop with us is online. If you haven't already, please create an account so you have access to our catalog, pricing, and creative planning tools. You can begin shopping our inventory immediately after you create your account. Our online catalog is updated in real time, so you'll know exactly how many plants are available for your garden. With just a few clicks you can check inventory levels and place your order.

Your Profile Page

Once your account is set up, be sure to visit your profile page. It's loaded with several tools that will help you create the perfect garden beds for your yard. These tools make it easier than ever for you to find the best plants for your space. Our new Garden Planner Tool helps you choose plants based on plant size, color, sun exposure requirements, and much more. If you fall in love with a plant in our online catalog but see that it isn't available, you can create a wait list from your profile page and submit it. We will contact you directly when the plants you're waiting for are available.

Visiting The Nursery In Person / Scheduling a Golf Cart

The only way for retail and homeowners to purchase from us is through your online account, but we absolutely appreciate in-person visits. However, the facility is too large to attempt to explore on foot. Before you come, be sure to schedule a golf cart for a free one-hour self guided tour, and create your account so you can shop from your phone while you discover new and exciting plants. If you've never driven a golf cart before, we'll be happy to teach you how.

Ground Rules

When you visit our facility, you're going to see more than a million amazing trees, shrubs, and perennial plants all growing in seemingly random locations across our 100+ acre farm. We know that it's incredibly tempting to pick these plants up and buy them directly, but we ask that you please look but don't touch. Here's why: First, not all of the plants you see are available for sale. Many are still growing and are not yet established enough to transplant. Some may be undergoing treatment for pests, others may be recovering from weather damage, and some may have simply not reached their peak yet. We prefer to sell our plants when they are at their best. Our quality standards are exceptionally high, so we often hold groups of plants back until they're ready before we sell them. We want your plants to thrive in your yard. Second, many of the plants you'll see on our farm are being grown on contract. Developers often contact us several months or even a year or more in advance and ask us to grow specific plants for their upcoming projects. That way they can be certain that they will have the plants they want in the quantities they need to complete their jobs on time. So as you drive your golf cart through our property, you may see hundreds of stunning trees, shrubs, or perennials that don't appear to be available when you search for them on our website. That's simply because those plants already belong to someone else. That's why everyone who purchases plants from us, no matter who they are, must wait for our gardeners to select the plants for them. During our busiest months, we have an entire crew tasked with pulling plants and preparing them for pick up or delivery. They're very good at what they do, and you can be confident that they will select the healthiest and most beautiful specimens available for your order.

Reserve Golf Cart

Landscape Design and Consultation Services

If you are unsure about what you should plant in your yard, the best option would be to book one of our consultants. They can visit your property, help you assess your situation, and come up with a plan to best approach your project.